Inspired by the diverse range of items disposed at Recology’s Public Disposal Center, I made a series of self-portraits referencing the many possibilities of recycling and repurposing, creating metaphoric depictions of materials that could be utilized in completely different realities.
Wonder Woman 2014
30x24" Digital pigment print with lasso.

Accompanying text:
Wonder Woman suit found inside a black plastic bag on March 13
Left boot found on March 8
Right boot found on April 4
Various bracelets found inside an old traveling suitcase on March 18
Faux-leather pink star belt found on April 22
Metal mounting bracket found on April 26
Wig found inside a white plastic bag along with 3 other wigs on April 26
Lasso found on May 1

Styling / photo assistant: Corey Christopher
Discarded paint from Recology's Household Hazardous Waste Facility in San Francisco. I staged a performance inviting participants to throw paint on me as I stood in front of the camera.
The Time for Miracles is Now
(Found books)
Body Bag
(Found body-size bag)
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