Shopping Carts
In 2014, I was selected for the Artist-in-Residence Program at Recology, an art and education program that provides Bay Area artists the unique opportunity to scavenge discarded materials from the Public Disposal & Recycling Center of the city of San Francisco. I had full access to gather items that would otherwise go to a landfill or a waste processing station. From an array of construction materials, furniture, and household appliances, to broken machines, musical instruments, unused merchandize, food, paint, plants, and personal objects, the amount of “things” coming to the facility everyday is overwhelming.
This series of shopping carts directly refers to a range of ideas related to production, consumption, recycle and waste, symbolic of consumerism and the economic system we live in.

Production assistant: AJ Maiorano
Photo assistants: Corey Christopher, Jerrod Littlejohn